Supercharger Queue Check-in

gelato - Saturday, March 23, 2019 - 12:39 am


As the Tesla owner community grows the Supercharging stations will become more crowded. The only thing worse than arriving at a supercharger with cars waiting is being unsure who's next. In some situations the line for Supercharging is very obvious and easy to queue up and navigate. However, some stations are more compact and don't allow for a long line to form. This creates a problem when drivers don't know who's next. 

Potential Solution:

What if you could check in on your vehicle screen when you arrive at the Supercharging station? This could put you in the virtual line/queue for charging and let you know when it's your turn. When someone completes charging and disconnects from a charger the system will notify the next person in the queue. 

Bonus Feature Idea:

Supercharging Queue Group Chat - It would be great to be able to communicate to some extent with other owners currently charging or waiting to charge. For example, maybe you park in a spot only to find out that the supercharger isn't working. Being able to communicate this to other owners or report the issue could be very helpful. No one wants to lose their place in line only to realize their charging spot isn't working.

Subconsciously pushing your group chat idea, hey? I see what you did there... ;-) Jokes aside: very nice feature request, I like your thinking!