Tesla Sentry Mode export option to our phones

I R - Wednesday, November 18, 2020 - 6:58 pm

We have the option to save clips on honk. It should be great to be able to auto export few seconds before and after that honk to the phone already in the car. We already have a phone in the car with a Tesla App running and BT connected. Why not to take advantage of that and auto export some of the Sentry Mode recordings?

Also a few more options to select what to be auto exported, as well as an export option next to each video recording would be great.

If we want to share a video to someone (lets say they were on an accident and the Tesla happened to record it) or maybe show  it to the Police; they need to come closer to the car, some ones doesn't like to, or even do a video recording from our phones to the screen, which doesn't looks as clear as the original video.