Transparent solar panels for the glass roof

I know that transparent solar panels are in development. Putting some of them into the big glass roof would have three big benefits.

  1. People with low mileage driving profiles would not need to look for a charging station. A few miles a day would be enough for their needs and the energy is free. Also a benefit for drivers that don't have the luxury of their own home charger.
  2. The base consumption of a Tesla is quite high especially with sentry mode or climate control enabled. So letting the car sit around for some days will consume quite a lot of energy. The harvested energy by some solar panels could be enough to keep the battery from being sucked empty by the base consumption. You also would not need to look for a car sitter anymore if you have to park your car for a couple of weeks when you are on vacation.
  3. Imagine you arrive at a charging station with only a few percent left in the battery and the charging station is for whatever reason unavailable. Ooops. Not enough power to reach the next one. Not the case with your own powerplant. You can wait until the sun delivered enough energy so you can reach the next charging location. Also stranding with an empty battery in the middle of nowhere is not as bad as it is now.

And choosing a transparent option would not disturb the design/look from outside or the view to the sky from inside.

Problem is that the harvest from a solar panel of that size is far from being helpful:

Considering that the panel delivers 200W max and the car consumes 200Wh/km this results in 1km per full-sunshine-hour and maybe some 100 meters/h in haze or twilight.

Hope my figures are correct to some degree, but even if I missed it by factor 10, it's not changing the game.

See points 1 & 2 above. Even 20 km per day or per week would be enough if you only drive to the grocery store once a week like at the moment with corona around. Even if it would only be enough to keep the board systems running and the starter battery alive this would be a win if the traction battery is not drained for that imho. Also the solar tech is getting more efficient every year and Tesla is planning a solar option for the Cybertruck anyways.

ok, let's do the math: there is a good chance to assume that there will be almost no aditional weight, so having the thing even if it gains the energy for only some aditional inches of range would result in being more than you had before.

Just found this article about a flexible, durable and eco friendly solution: