Turn Signal Blinker Improvements

TeslaT - Monday, September 7, 2020 - 3:23 pm

Too many times have I found the turn signal activated and me not noticing it for a while.   I would like to see a larger turn signal icon blinking on the screen.  The current one is a bit too small IMO. This is in regard to model Y / 3, not sure about others that have center console dashboards.   Also would like the volume level of the blinking sound to be louder or adjustable by preference.    Better yet, have the sound get progressively louder whenever the blinker is left on more than 30 seconds and the car is moving or accelerating (reduce to normal when decelerating or stopped).
      Please vote this upwards in support of the aging population.



Working on the signal would be just healing the symptoms and not the cause of the problems:

BLINKER handling must become more accurate!!

The turn signal arm on the Tesla model y is closer to the steering wheel than most other cars.  If the driver is wearing gloves it might occasionally get activated without notice. 

Not sure but I think the blinker sound got louder after I disable 'joe mode'. 

If the blinker sound is loud enough to hear above the music and road noise, all is good in the world for those lucky enough to still have good hearing. 

If the flashing blinker signal is large enough and bright enough, all is good in the world for those luck enough to still have good peripheral vision.

Get that safety endorsement from AARP and Tesla will grow sales to the largest market; the aging population.



For Model 3 it would help if the turn signal arm would work as described in the user manual ...