Bring back Mirror adjustment button in the profiles

miloluu - Friday, January 15, 2021 - 2:43 pm

In previous versions (currently using 2020.48.30 040912887bad), the software had a button when the user pressed the profiles to adjust mirrors (in the circled area in photo). Now, to adjust mirrors, one needs to press Quick Controls (the car icon in the bottom left), then press Mirrors. Although it is roughly the same number of button presses (2), going to Quick Controls opens the settings window up, which takes the whole screen. After adjustment, I need to close this window which can be tricky. Before the update, I would press the Mirrors button in the profiles switch, adjust the mirrors, then the after a few moments the profiles window closes automatically. The new update feels like it makes it more difficult to adjust mirrors quickly. All-in-all this is impractical for driving, and the ability to quick-adjust the mirrors etc should be added back in.