Footwell relative temperature setting

dickyj - Monday, March 4, 2019 - 8:47 am

During longer (and uneventful, autopilot-filled) road trips, the blood circulation tends to get a tad slower. This often results in colder feet during both winter (when the floor is already the relatively coldest location) and summer (when the AC is freezing your bare legs while it tries to keep the sun from cooking your Model X frying pan).

As a former Audi A6 and Q7-driver, I have enjoyed for years the luxury to set a relative footwell temperature setting (+/- 3 points/degrees, I believe it was), which in my case was chronically stuck on the plus-side. This is the kind of luxury that should be quite easy to implement (it's software, right?). And, once you've enjoyed it, you will seriously miss it when it's gone. Which I now seriously do...