Option to activate Easy-Entry profile automatically when parking

miloluu - Friday, January 15, 2021 - 3:46 pm

Currently, when the car is unlocked and the driver enters the car, the Easy-Entry profile is automatically selected for easier access/entry to the seats. However, when the car is finished driving and switches to park, the seats are not adjusted to "easy exit". There should be an option to automatically switch to the Easy-Entry profile when the car is parked for easier exit for all passengers. I think this feature applies to all vehicles (currently own only a Model 3 and S).

My model y does exactly what you are asking for.  The car adjusts to the Easy-Entry profile as soon as open the door to get out and stays that way.  When I get in the next day it does nothing until I shut the door and put foot on brake pedal. At that point, the drivers profile changes to the one associated with my phone, or my key card.  Then the seats adjust to match the profile. 

You need to review your profile settings and associate your driving profile with a phone/key.  It sounds like you may have associated it with the easy-entry profile by mistake.  Double check your setup...