Windshield wipers -

marvinps - Saturday, January 26, 2019 - 3:56 pm

Activating and using the Wipers requires too many touches and is a distraction to driving requiring the driver's eyes to be on the touch screen instead of the road ahead.

My recommendation - place the On / Off icon on the same screen and visual row as the choices for the icons I, II, III, IIII and Auto.  Doing this will then allow for only one touch to select either OFF or the speed of the wipers.

AND - fix the auto mode so that it actually detects the density of the rain hitting the windshield sensor.

The windshield icon is an on/off switch.

You can gently press on the turn signal stock to do a single wipe (or hold for multiple). Don't press on so much that you activate the washer fluid. There are two levels of pressure the stock can detect.

Once activated, the wiper menu automatically comes up in the screen if you want to have it continue wiping the windshield.


I do concede, however, that the windshield wipers sensitivity leaves much to be desired and are due for some adjustment.

I think it would be the best compromise to add a double tap.


single tap = one wipe

double tap = active wipers at the last level (I / II ... Auto)

hard tap = washer fluid