Feature requests tagged with "Software"

Motorcycle friendly - move over to side of lane for motorcycles to pass in auto pilot

When driving down CA highways motorcycles can split the lanes legally. I have to get out of auto pilot to make extra room for motorcycles.  It would be nice if autopilot would nudge over a foot or two to allow extra room for motorcycles to go by.

Lock windows and child lock while in Dog Mode

My dogs are able to press on the window buttons in dog mode.  If I don't press lock windows they can open the windows and I get alerts that my windows are open.  Walking back to the car my dogs have their heads out of the windows.  Please automatically lock the windows and child door locks when i

Dysplay live wind direction/ speed

As the wind direction and speed plays an important role in the estimation of the real range on a trip (I've been in situations where the 12% estimation on arrival proved to be totally insufficient just because of the strong head-on winds and I had to reduce speed from 130 to under 100km/h to fina