Feature requests tagged with "User Interface"

Make the Proposed Speed for TACC/EAP Always Adjustable via the Right Scroll-Wheel Before and After Engagement

Often TACC/EAP doesn't know the correct speed limit and will assume a speed limit. As an example, on my rural, 1/4 mile driveway, my Model 3 will show 50 mph (i.e., 45+5 mph from my driver's profile) in gray. This can not be changed until after TACC or EAP is engaged.

Read actuall speed limit signs with the cameras

This feature is common in most vehicles today; At least in our region the speed limits from the navigation data is more then unreliable and even dangerous if the speed limit is set to "unlimited" even when there actually IS a speed limit and the car is rushing forward with Autopilot or TACC activ

Add option to specify short units of centimetres and metres / inches and yards so separate them from national road network units

In the UK the road network uses miles and speed in miles per hour which are mandatory. However, many people use metric measurements for short distances like centimetres and metres in their daily lives so don't use inches and yards as these are not mandatory to know.