Feature requests for Model 3

TACC: React quicker when car in front of me resumes moving after a complete stop (e.g, when light turns green)

When I'm in TACC at a red light, the light turns green and the car in front of me starts moving.  TACC seems to wait too long before moving forward.   This is even when I'm on a follow distance of 1.  I have had the car behind me honk at me presumably because they doesn't think I'm paying attenti

Hands-free phone mic mutes when autopilot engage/disengage bong sounds

When I am on a hands free phone call the other party(s) currently can very loudly hear the autopilot engage/disengage bong sounds.  The Tesla builtin phone mic should momentarily mute just long enough to give the audible cues to the driver without the others on the call hearing them.