Feature requests for Semi

Emergency App feature to remotely allow driver without key or phone

Tesla App or website has feature for granting emergency privileges to drive the car even if there is no phone or key fob present.  If you lose your phone or run out of battery, your spouse can remotely enable the car to be driven so you can get home.  As other feature requests have mentioned, thi

Detect driver presence by touch or camera for autopilot check

If the autopilot is enabled the driver has to move the steering wheel slightly to show that he is still present. This is super annoying and outdated. I think it is even dangerous to move the steering wheel because it might disable the autopilot and change driving directions i.e.

Automatically brake for an emergency - before hitting something when backing up and before collision

whipino - Saturday, November 14, 2020 - 9:50 pm

When driving without autopilot on, the car knows when you are about to hit something and should automatically apply the brakes to avoid hitting something in front or backing into something behind you.   Infinity has this feature and will automatically stop before backing into the garage or pedest